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Easy Campfire Potatoes Three Ways

Potatoes are a great campfire food.  There are so many easy ways to cook them and they taste so much better when cooked outside. Here are three straightforward ideas to get you started.  The best thing about these recipes is – you can cook them in the ashes of your campfire, in your wood burning stove or hot tub fire box or on your grill.

So, why not give them a go?

Baked Potatoes

  • Cut your potatoes in half, length ways, and place a little butter between the two halves. Stick the halves back together.
  • Simply wrap each potato tightly in a foil sheet and place in the ashes of your campfire or inside your wood stove. If using a wood stove pop the potatoes in front of your fire and close the door.
  • Use tongs to rotate your potatoes every 10 minutes so they don’t burn. They will take about 50 minutes to an hour to cook through, depending on their size and on your fire!

Hassleback Potatoes

  • Take a whole potato and slice thinly without going all the way through the potato. The slices should all be joined at the bottom.
  • Rub the slices with a mixture of salt, paprika, oregano and chilli (or any other combination of flavourings).
  • Place each potato on a foil sheet, drizzle over a little olive oil and rub into the slices.
  • Wrap up your potato tightly and place it in the ashes of the campfire or in your woodstove (I find the wood stove works best – pop the potatoes in front of the fire and close the door).
  • Rotate your potatoes every 10 minutes using tongs. They will take about 40 to 50 minutes to cook through.

Campfire Potatoes

  • Cut your potatoes into chunks and place in a bowl. Add seasoning (our favourite seasonings are salt, pepper and paprika, a little sliced onion and rosemary) and give a good mix to coat the potatoes.
  • Place a portion of the potatoes on a sheet of foil and top with a tablespoon of butter before wrapping up like a parcel.
  • Place the parcels in the ashes, on the grill or in the wood stove for 30 to 40 minutes. Rotate the parcels every 10 minutes so they don’t burn.
  • Serve warm with a sprinkle of parmesan.